Friday, January 15, 2016

World Travels 7: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Spent a few days in Colombo, Sri Lanka. After years of civil war, an uncertain peace is encouraging a lot of foreign investment. The city is being transformed with the refurbishment of the colonial buildings and new-build apartments. East Asian investment into the deep-water port is making it an important transshipment point for super carriers to smaller cargo ships.

Visited religious sites and found a great example of tropical modernism in the house of architect Geoffrey Bawa who fused colonial and traditional Sri Lankan architecture. 

Colombo docks (Photo: ©John Rennie Short)

Staircase in house of Geoffrey Bawa (Photo: ©John Rennie Short)

Buddhist temple (Photo: ©John Rennie Short)

New investment in the city (Photo: ©John Rennie Short)