Saturday, May 28, 2016

Trip to China and South Korea

Visited China. I was based in Shanghai. One of the three big fast –paced metro regions in China, the two others are Beijing and Guangzhou. They constitute the heart of the new modernizing China. I gave talks at East China Normal University and Shanghai Normal University and talked with fellow academics and students.  Then took a three and half hour bullet train trip to Nanchang and give talks at Jiangxi University.  My hosts at all the universities were generous and the students inquiring and informed. I learned a lot.

Seoul (Photo: © John Rennie Short)
Then went to Seoul, South Korea for two days to take part in a seminar on the making of historical atlases. Managed only one day looking around the city. Visited Platform 61 a new arts cultural center in the north east of the city, where I listened to a band play a mix of reggae and ska with a Korean twist.
Old Shanghai (Photo: © John Rennie Short)
New Shanghai (Photo: © John Rennie Short)
Nanchang (Photo: © John Rennie Short)

Shanghai Railway Station (Photo: © John Rennie Short)